Puppy Vaccinations | What vaccinations does a puppy need

Puppy Vaccinations

Watch that little Cute Puppy Grow! If you’ve just adopted a puppy, get ready for some big changes. In a single year, a puppy grows and matures from infancy to adolescence or even to young adulthood, depending on her eventual size. You’ll probably spend a lot of time in your vet’s office that first year … Read more

Flying with a Dog | How to Travel with a Dog on a Plane

flying with a dog

Flying with a Dog or Taking your dog on vacation can be fun for both of you, but plan ahead to keep him safe and comfortable. Bring your dog’s usual food to help prevent stomach upsets. Only give him water that you would drink yourself—don’t let him drink from ponds, streams, or dubious water sources. … Read more

Dog’s Sense of Smell Compared to Humans

Dog sense of smell

Understanding a Dog’s Sense of Smell. A Dog’s nose Dominates not only his face but also his brain. While the human brain is most strongly oriented toward analyzing data from the eyes and information gathered through light, the dog’s mind is designed with an emphasis on gathering information from scents. The part of the dog’s … Read more