Homemade Dog Food l Ingredients & Supplements

homemade dog food

Homemade Dog Food; Why? We love cooking for our dogs. Maybe it’s the opportunity to really know what’s in their food and to select healthy ingredients. Maybe it’s the cost savings over premium treats. Or maybe it’s just the boundless enthusiasm with which they greet our cooking. Dogs don’t worry about presentation. They don’t concern … Read more

Puppy Proofing | How to Puppy-Proof Your Home?

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Before you bring your dog or puppy home, you’ll need to make your home safe for him. Puppy Proofing It’s a lot like child-proofing for a toddler. But in this case, you have a kid with teeth who will taste and chew just about anything and everything. Puppies are destructive little critters. As with children, … Read more

Housebreaking Process and Crate Training a Puppy

Housebreaking process a Puppy

First off, congratulations on your new perfect puppy! Many people do not realize how much work some puppies can be for the first six months of their lives, and that’s just the beginning. The following article will give you the principles of the Housebreaking Process. Essentially, it is like having a newborn baby in many … Read more

Dog’s Sense of Smell Compared to Humans

Dog sense of smell

Understanding a Dog’s Sense of Smell. A Dog’s nose Dominates not only his face but also his brain. While the human brain is most strongly oriented toward analyzing data from the eyes and information gathered through light, the dog’s mind is designed with an emphasis on gathering information from scents. The part of the dog’s … Read more

Puppy Training Tips: How to become Good handler

puppy training tips

In this article, you’ll learn the principles behind puppy training (tips) and, hopefully, how these can be applied in a practical sense to train a puppy in the quickest, easiest, and most effective manner. “Constant commanding of your dog has the tendency to destroy the control you seek to establish. I would therefore strongly stress … Read more