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Puppy Training Tips: How to become a Good handler

In this article, you’ll learn the principles behind dog training and, hopefully, how these can be applied in a practical sense to train a puppy in the quickest, easiest, and most effective manner.

Housebreaking Process and Crate Training a Puppy

For every time your pup goes into the house without being caught in the act, you add a few more days to the housebreaking process.

Flying with a Dog ~ How to Travel with a Dog on a Plane

Flying with a Dog or Taking your dog on vacation can be fun for both of you, but plan ahead to keep him safe and comfortable

How to Read Dog Food Labels & Guaranteed Analysis

Dog food labels contain an enormous amount of information about what’s in the can, pouch, or bag—if you can decipher the lingo.

Puppy Vaccinations ~ What Vaccinations does a Puppy Need

Vaccines protect puppies against common and potentially deadly diseases. They also carry a small risk of causing harm.